Watch Out, Dave!

Short demo track for the upcoming animation, Watch Out, Dave! Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone. Recorded with Ray Smith, Jay Lawrence, Matt Larsen, Jon Gudmundson, and other local professionals.

Vida- Spanish Film

Composed by Dallas Crane, Flutes, Clarinets. Short film.

Hip Hop Saxophone

Screaming hot saxophone over a hip-hop track incorporating chromaticism.  Alto sax

Beanstalk VR

VR video game for the HTC Vive. Recorded with FAMES Orchestra. Composed by Dallas Crane. Clarinet and bass clarinet.

Christian Rock

An educational video set to the track of a christian rock/pop track, showing students a way that saxophone might be included in the mix. Derek composed a few lines and improvised a solo.


Rey’s Theme- Woodwinds

Dallas Crane arranged these two themes from Star Wars VII for seven winds; flute, 2 clarinets, alto, tenor, bari and bass clarinet. Performed and mixed by Derek.

Rey’s Theme 1

Rey’s theme 2

Only Dare to Dream – The Star Jugglers

This is a fun piece involving a clarinet trio, and serves as a practice on Randy Newman inspired lines that Derek wrote.

Stan Kenton Celebration

BYU Synthesis released a double-disk of previously unheard and unpublished Stan Kenton Band arrangements from the 40’s, along with a full disk of a live performance of Kenton’s band. Derek played tenor saxophone, clarinet and flute on the album. Critics stated “Soloists have found a congenial groove as well, and several excel on their feature numbers: tenor saxophonists Kevin Miller (“Opus a la Kenton”) and Derek Crane (“The Firebird Jumps”), alto Justin Hammer (Rugolo’s “Pepper Pot,” presumably written for Art Pepper) and trombonist Brian Woodbury (“Molshoaro” and Rugolo’s lustrous “Song for Trombone”).” Available here.

“Firebird Jumps” – Tenor solo

“Weed Dreams”

“Molshoaro” – Brian Woodbury, Trombone

“Temptation”- Austie Robinson, Trumpet


Current Film Project

This is a sample of an upcoming project to be announced in the future. Solo Flute.


BYU Wind SymphonyTWB_Timeless_Wind_Band__70084.1452031626.1280.1280

This was the first album of the well-known group that was recorded while Derek was serving as an international tour section leader. They first visited Europe in 2012, and later visited Mongolia, South Korea and Japan in 2015. Bass clarinet.



“Taijitu” -BYU Animation Department12719312_10207659907152248_3775029955879194556_o

Derek and his brother Dallas are on the development team for the new BYU animation Taijitu. Here is a short preview recorded for Dreamworks, as well as representatives from Disney’s Zootopia. Flute, dizi.

Studio Orchestra Soundcloud

The rest of the Star Wars tracks and a new track, Hope Rising, can be found at the STORC soundcloud.

Star Wars: Rangers

Composed by Dallas Crane. Recorded by Studio Orchestra Club. Derek recorded on bass clarinet and recorders.

“Three Portraits – Venture, Mira and Briggs”

“Onboard the Spacecraft”,

Various projects composed by Matt Pace,  2015. Matt is a local composer known for his work on short films, commercials and original compositions.

“From the Dust” – Flutes.

On the RocksIMG_1759

Directed by Sam Featherstone, composed by Dallas Crane, 2015, and recorded by the Studio Orchestra Club.

A short film about reuniting a deceased dog with his deceased owner, On the Rocks has both comedic and touching elements. Derek recorded clarinets, flute and improvised flute solo, and contracted and managed the orchestra.

“Final Credits”

“Inside the Store”

 “Might and Hephaestus” – composed by Justin Hammer, 2015

An interesting musical take on a Greek myth, the juxtaposition of strong Might (baritone saxophone, Kyle Miller) and reserved Hephaestus (tenor saxophone, Derek Crane) leads the listener through a tale of two opposites.

Others on the track: Ryan Schade – Drums; Rob Qualls – Upright Bass; Jacob Potter – Piano.

Lovestruck! The Musical, (film) 2015

Arr. and composed by John C. Leavitt, recorded by Studio Orchestra Club

Derek managed the orchestra and recorded on tenor saxophone and clarinet for this film about a young boy in a city obsessed with violence and boxing. The film is currently showing at festivals around the nation.

“Could It Be Love?” (Clarinet)

Read about it here on IMDB.

The Day After Yesterday, 2013Picture2

Steve Lindeman and BYU Synthesis. Derek recorded on flute, bass flute, clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. The album can be found here, as well as high reviews of the award-winning album here.



“Lavender Flowers On Her Table” (flute)

“October, Last” (flute)

“There Will Never Be Another You” – Arr. Derek Crane (tenor saxophone)

A short clip from a recording made in early 2015 with Chris Morgan (bass), Brennan Tolman (drums), Dallas Crane (trumpet), Jacob Potter (piano) and Alex Thomson (alto saxophone).

Crescent Super Band “What It Is“, 2011

Recorded after two years and an international tour of Europe, Derek solos in swing and funk styles on tenor saxophone.

“Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”

“What It Is”

Crescent City Brass Band – 2011

A throwback to the earlier days, this is a snapshot of a street band that Derek played saxophones and clarinet in. Audiences loved the fresh style and high energy, and the group ventured from weddings to corporate parties to arts festivals.

“Headbanger” (tenor saxophone)