Lesson Materials

These materials are available for personal use. They will be updated periodically, so be sure to check back.


Flute Warm-ups                                                              Flute Basic Scales  

Flute Intonation Sheet                                                  Flute Fingerings 

Flute 101 Patricia George                                            Blocki Flute Method 1

Blocki Flute Method 2                                              Blocki Flute Method 3

Taffanel et Gaubert 17 Grands Exercices                 T&G Online (Daily Exercises)


Saxophone Basic Scales                               Saxophone Jazz Transcriptions 

Rubank Elementary Saxophone                 Klose 25 Daily Exercises for Saxophone

Ferling 48 Studies for Saxophone                    Saxophone Intonation Sheet

Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone       Intermediate Jazz Conception for Saxophone 

Advanced Jazz Conception for Saxophone          Charlie Parker Omnibook Bb, Eb and C

Sonny Stitt Omnibook #1                                            Sonny Stitt Omnibook #2     

Dave Liebman Tone Concept                                  Joe Allard Overtones

Joe Allard Legacy


Clarinet Basic Scales                                                 

Clarinet Scale Fingerings                                              Clarinet Fingering Chart

Rubank Elementary Clarinet                                      Rubank Intermediate Clarinet

Rubank Advanced Clarinet Vol. 1                               Rubank Advanced Clarinet Vol. 2

Rose 32 Etudes for Clarinet                                         Robert Spring Warm-ups

Modern Studies for the Clarinet Vol. 1                    Modern Studies for the Clarinet Vol. 2



Bassoon Basic Scales 

Rubank Elementary Bassoon                            Weissenborn Bassoon Studies 

The Orchestral Bassoonist                                 International Double Reed Society


The Articulate Jazz Musician                         Jazz Tunes List – Manhattan School of Music 

Learn Jazz Standards       

Dominant 7 Exercises – Charles McNeal            Exercises for the Jazz Musician – McNeal

Helpful Tools and Exercises

Tuning Drones MP3              Drone Exercises PDF                      Music Note Quiz                   

Music Theory and Ear Training                   Fingering Charts          Rhythm Exercise

IMSLP Music Library                                          Manuscript Paper

Italian Musical Terms                German Musical Terms                 Key Signatures

Ear Training MP3’s                      T&G Practice Drones

Clarinet Scales and Technique – This is a short sample of the more full 29-page version based off of Taffanel et Gaubert. Make a donation to the project here to gain access to the drafts and final version!